Meet Emily

Apprentice plumber


Emily shines a light on life as an apprentice plumber in our Metworks repairs team.

“I was studying plumbing at college, but I needed to be learning on the job, so I found the apprentice plumber position with Metworks (our in-house repairs service). The application process was easy.

“As an apprentice plumber, most of my time is spent on call outs to fix or replace things. This could be anything from changing a tap head to fixing a leak or changing a bath. I like the job because it’s different most days and you’re always out and about going from job to job. I also like it because it’s quite practical and can be challenging so you’re always having to think on your feet.

“Now I have a set goal of finishing my plumbing course, becoming qualified and then doing my gas training, which is a good step to take after plumbing. But the apprenticeship has helped me realise that there are many other routes I could go down too, if I want.

“I would recommend an apprenticeship here to anyone. Everyone’s been very supportive. They’ve helped me decide what to do when I finish, whether or not I stay working here in the future.”