Timebank Funday at Moorlands


On Friday 3 August, Metropolitan will be hosting a  Fun Day to launch 1 – 4  – 1 at Moorlands Community Centre with a BBQ, Kids table, information and a Bring & Fix where you can bring your broken small items to fix.   We would love to have somebody there who can sew so if you would like to pass on your skills to others and help out get in touch.  Date:  Friday 3 August, 1 – 4pm.

For more information, contact Suzanne on 020 8670 0990 or email suzanne@pgtimebank.org.

So what’s Timebank all about?

Metropolitan, together with our partners at the South East Lambeth Timebank Partnership are launching a new time bank hub from Moorlands Community Centre, so come and get involved!

Time banking is a simple idea. You give your time to help someone else. For each hour that you spend helping, you receive one Time Credit which you can spend when you need help. People, community organisations and businesses can benefit from being able to access a wide range of skills, training, rewards and activities, all paid for with time credits.

For example Angela, Bob and the local gym are members of a local time bank. Angela does two hours gardening for Bob which earns her two time credits.  She ‘deposits’ her hours in the time bank and spends her credits on an exercise class at the gym.   Member Jo teaches gentle exercise at the gym for credits.

Everyone’s time is valued equally:  1 hour = 1 hour.

From picking up a prescription to painting and decorating your time is valuable. With support, you can run your own activities or become a time bank ambassador.

Getting involved

There are many opportunities to get involved or hear about our work.  You can come along or signpost people to:

  • Coffee afternoons at the Moorlands Community Centre, where we are planning to start a Brixton time bank.   50a Corry Drive, SW9 8QT; Every Wednesday 1 – 3pm.
  • Myatt’s Fields sleepover, where one of our members will be running a DIY workshop. Date:  25 August.
  • Visit our website to find out more about our rolling programme of timebanking activities, and to read the stories of our timebank members who tell us about the positive impact of reciprocal volunteering on the lives of real people.

Become a member and you will meet like-minded people, increase your confidence, well-being and skills, and access a whole range of skills, support, training and events, which you pay for with time credits, not money. The opportunities are endless!

For more information about Timebank please contact our Timebank coordinator Suzanne Worrica on 020 8670 0990 or email broker@pgtimebank.org, or simply come over to Moorlands Community Centre to find out more.