Tell us what you think!


We want to give you a chance to tell us what you think about our annual report to residents. Every year we publish a report about how we’re performing against the national standards set by our regulator and the local service standards agreed with you.

We’re getting ready to start work on this year’s report, but before we do we’d like to know if the local annual report to residents 2010-11 provides you with the information you want. So we’re running a survey to give you the opportunity to tell us if we’re getting it right and where you think we need to improve.

The questionnaire will be online until Friday 8 June 2012. Fill out the survey now.

Copies of our current annual reports are on display in our main offices and a limited number of printed reports are available upon request. They are also available to view online.
The information you provide will help us to decide how we present the content of your customer report in the future.

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