Records Management Policy

Metropolitan Housing Trust (MHT) recognises that efficient records management is necessary to support its services & core functions, whilst contributing to the overall effective management of the business.

This policy arises from the Lord Chancellor’s Code of Practice on the management of records (2009), the Data Protection Act 2018 and the ISO 15489:2016 records management standard, amongst other legal and regulatory requirements (see appendix 2).

This policy underlies a framework ensuring that MHT manages its records from
creation/capture, through use and storage to disposal. It is directed towards enabling MHT to provide controlled access to records; to make efficient use of physical and electronic storage space; and to provide opportunities for effective working practices.

Failure to comply with this policy could expose MHT to accidental or deliberate misuse of information systems, breaches of confidentiality, malicious or accidental corruption of data, theft of intellectual property and a breach of our legislative, regulatory or contractual requirements.