Report Anti-social behaviour

Please allow two days for a response. If the matter is urgent please telephone us on 020 3535 3535.

TVH customers can make contact either directly to their Housing Officer or our Housing Advice Team 020 86070683.

If you have reported this case before, please enter your case reference number in the box

If you have reported this to us before and your case is still open this information will be added to your case. If this is the first time you have reported this matter to us, or you have been told your case is closed, we may need to speak to you by telephone to get more information from you so that a new case can be created.






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Incident Diary
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Who did it or who was involved? (write down their name and address. If you do not know this describe them)

What happened? Please add exactly what you saw and heard. Put all the words in full including swear words. Stick to factual information and keep it simple.

Did anyone else witness it?

If yes, who?

Have you reported this to anyone else?

If yes who? E.g. Police, Environmental health (include incident numbers, crime reference numbers).

If there is an immediate risk to health and safety or you are reporting a criminal offence, you must first contact the police or any other relevant agency.

How has it affected you or the people living with you? Please be honest, this is confidential.

I believe the information I have given above is a true description of what I saw and / or heard