North London school gets free summer spruce-up from Metropolitan

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Metropolitan has carried out a range of free redecoration and refurbishment work at Waverley School for pupils with severe and profound learning difficulties in Enfield, north London.

Waverley School

More than 20 employees got together over two weekends in July and August to revamp classrooms, redecorate the assembly hall and re-grout the swimming pool, among other work.

They were joined by volunteers from the school and builders’ merchant Travis Perkins Managed Services – which donates a percentage of its income back to clients such as Metropolitan to use for charitable purposes.

Overall, £7,000 worth of materials and more than 240 hours of volunteers’ time was contributed.

After the work was completed, the volunteers enjoyed a barbecue and some well-earned refreshments with pupils’ families.

Waverley School was suggested as the beneficiary of the charitable donation by Metropolitan repairs supervisor Lukasz Borkowski, whose 12-year-old son Wiktor is a pupil there.

Lukasz said: “It was great to see so many people give up two summer weekends for this good cause. I know first-hand the excellent work done at Waverley – my son Wiktor loves going to school here. So it feels really good to put our skills to use giving the buildings and facilities here a bit of a lift.”

Mark Everard, Executive Director of Property at Metropolitan, said: “I’m very proud of the effort of our volunteers, who have worked hard in their spare time at Waverley School. It’s a great example of colleagues getting together to make things better in the local communities and areas in which we work.”

Gail Weir, Headteacher at Waverley School, said: “Although the school has been well maintained over the years, there is now less funding to invest in it and we rely on the goodwill and support of others who recognise how important it is for our young people to learn in an inspiring environment.

“I’m delighted by the work which has been carried out – seeing the spruced up classrooms, swimming pool and main hall will be a lovely surprise for our students when they come back after the summer holidays.”

Maggie Devine, Social Value Manager at Travis Perkins Managed Services, said: “We are committed to making a real difference to local communities. Our valued partnership with Metropolitan allows us to work collaboratively to make a difference and we were delighted to support the Waverley School project.

“It is our belief that society should understand that people with profound and multiple learning disabilities have the same rights as every other citizen and that includes the right to learn in an invigorating and inspiring environment, helping them to achieve their goals and dreams.”