National Apprenticeship Week 2020: Lewis Dawson-Poole

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Lewis is 21 and is currently on an Electrician Apprenticeship based in Derby. Find out more about his apprenticeship journey with Metworks, MTVH’s in-house repairs and maintenance team who look after all our properties across London and the East-Midlands.

Tell us a little about your apprenticeship and why you chose it?
I am an apprentice electrician working currently on the responsive team in Derby. The reason I chose this apprenticeship is because I always wanted to learn a trade and for me an electrician was the most interesting.

How did you hear about apprenticeship?
My Dad is currently employed at Metworks as a Void Supervisor and made me aware of the apprenticeship, and the great opportunity this would be.

What has your journey been like?
My journey so far within the business has been good. I have worked with various different electricians in various parts of the business including; responsive repairs, planned works and voids. This has allowed me to learn different scopes of the areas Metworks provides.

What do you hope to achieve from this experience?
I hope to become a well-rounded and fully qualified electrician, and hope to still be working as a Metworks employee when I have completed my apprenticeship.

What do you enjoy most about your apprenticeship?
What I enjoy most is that no two days are the same when working, I enjoy the variety of work that I undertake from day to day and the different areas that I’ve worked.

What type of skills have you developed?
My technical skills have improved the most and I am confident in carrying out most routine electrical repairs whilst under supervision. My communication skills have also improved as I have to deal with different people, such as supervisors, suppliers, colleagues and tenants.

How has this apprenticeship impacted your life?
It has impacted my life positively as my working week is more structured, compared to my last job where I worked flexible hours on a zero hour contract.

Do you believe it has prepared you for future goals?
As my main future goal in life is to become a fully qualified electrician, the skills I have developed and still learning will aid me in achieving my goal.

What advice would you give to those who are thinking about taking apprenticeships like this?
Do it! Learning whilst earning is a great way for setting you up for a career in this industry, and I would highly recommend anyone who is questioning if whether they want to become an apprentice to become one.