Our partnership with Thames Valley Housing

Formal discussions about forming a partnership with Thames Valley Housing began earlier this year.

Consulting our customers

As part of the proposed move, we consulted customers so that our Board could consider their views. There were no significant objections and the Board decided to go ahead with the proposal. We are now known as Metropolitan Thames Valley. We are writing to customers to confirm that the partnership has gone ahead. In the meantime, here are answers to some of your commonly asked questions.

Your questions answered

  • What benefits will the partnership deliver?

We believe that by bringing our resources together, we are now more financially resilient and in a position to start delivering our key three aims for the partnership: Improve services for our customers; Invest more in our communities; Build more affordable homes.

  • Will my tenancy or lease be affected?

No, the conditions of your tenancy or lease will remain the same and you will have the same rights and responsibilities as before.

  • Will my rent and/or service charge be affected?

The amount of rent and service charge you pay will not be affected by the partnership and will continue to be subject to the usual annual review.

  • What about the right to buy?

If you already have the right to buy, you will not lose the right and you will continue to be able to exercise the right in the same way as before.

  • Will my repairs, grounds maintenance or cleaning contractors change?

Nothing will change immediately. However, we are always looking for performance improvements from our contractors in order to raise our customer service standards. So as contracts come up for review or renewal we’ll give careful consideration to what’s best for residents and the new organisation.

  • When will I notice any changes?

Now that the partnership has been legally completed there will be a period of integration, as we bring teams from the two organisations together and review services. We expect this will take about two years to complete, which means you won’t notice changes to services immediately. We will talk to you about any changes before they are implemented.

  • Will I have the same contact at Metropolitan Thames Valley?

Yes, for the time being services will be delivered in the same way by the same people. As we introduce improvements over time this may change and we’ll make sure you know who any new contacts are.

  • Will the way I contact you change?

Not immediately. You will still be able to contact us on 020 3535 3535 or via our website: We will let you know in advance when any changes are made. You will also still be able to report repairs, make payments and review your rent or service charge account using Customer Self Serve. Our Facebook contact details are the same ( and you can contact us via Twitter @MetTVH.

  • Are your offices affected?

No, we still have our offices in London, Nottingham, Derby and Cambridgeshire. In addition the former Thames Valley Housing main office in Twickenham will remain.

  • What if I receive a care and support service?

The service you receive will continue as it does now. We have a contract with the local authority to provide the service and the partnership won’t affect this.

  • What was the result of the resident consultation on the partnership?

We received a total of 31 comments from the 37,000+ households consulted and responded to these individually. There were no significant objections – the majority of customers were seeking clarification or more detailed information. The Metropolitan Board took the results of the consultation into account before deciding to go ahead with the partnership.

  • How will customers be able to influence the way the new organisation operates?         

We are committed to providing ways for you to get involved and help us improve our services. We are keen to hear what you think, what’s important and what we can do better. We will work with our current customer groups to make sure that your voice will continue to be heard on issues relating to local, regional and nationwide matters.