It’s all app-ening this summer at Clapham Park

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It was the perfect app-etiser for Metropolitan’s summer of children’s activities at Clapham Park.

Children Tutors united

A group of the housing association’s young residents took on the challenge to design their own educational app.

As the summer holidays kicked in, they spent a morning in the Headlam Road community centre – brainstorming, storyboarding and developing their ideas, with the help of Tutors United, who deliver weekly after-school English and Maths sessions on behalf of Metropolitan to local children.

The young inventors dreamt up everything from a pizza-sharing app for practising fractions to a hidden treasure hunt, where new adventures are unlocked by answering general knowledge questions.

One group had its business head on, proposing sponsorship of their app by a well-known retailer. Some of their mums – who joined them at the end of the morning to complete the same challenge – were thinking bigger. They dreamt of selling their traffic lights maths game for all ability levels to Google – and to take a cut for every download.

All groups presented their designs to a friendly panel of Metropolitan judges, with the winning idea awarded a £5,000 fictional prize and some very real kudos.

“We heard some interesting ideas and pitches, each with fun at its core,” said judge Tyson Bunby, Metropolitan Housing and Regeneration Manager. “It always amazes me how much adults can learn from what the children have done.”

The challenge was part of a programme of activities Metropolitan is putting on for 7-15 year-olds over the six-week holidays on the Lambeth estate it owns and manages.

Every weekday until August 24, from 9am to 5.30pm, there will be free activities, run by South London training and personal development charity Elevating Success.

Around 90 children will have the chance to enjoy swimming sessions, trampolining, visits to the seaside, sports, film-making and arts and crafts.