Gender Pay Gap Report for 2018

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Metropolitan Housing Trust Ltd merged with Thames Valley Housing in October 2018, however, we are reporting our figures this year as separate entities as we had not merged in April 2018, which was the snapshot date. Our organisation is now called Metropolitan Thames Valley Housing (MTVH) and is headed up by Chief Executive, Geeta Nanda. We have around 57,000 homes spread across London, the South East, East Midlands and East of England.

This year we have reported on all colleagues for Metropolitan Housing Trust Ltd including Metworks. Last year Metworks were not included as they were a separate entity with under 250 colleagues. This inclusion has partially contributed to the increase in the median figure.

Our gender pay report shows we are heading in the right direction for the mean gender pay gap but we are keen to ensure that we continue to reduce the gap in the forthcoming years.

Read the full report to find out more detail.