Westhorpe Gardens & Mills Grove

Together with Barnet Council, we’re looking at proposals to redevelop Westhorpe Gardens and Mills Grove. For any plans to go ahead, we need to know what local residents think and what you see as important for the future of the area. We’ve started a programme of consultation and there’s lots going on. We hope you’ll play an active role in the process and get involved in the discussions.

The current site

There are currently 102 homes in Westhorpe Gardens and Mills Grove, comprising a mix of flats and houses. The homes were built in the 1970’s and the area now requires significant investment.

Westhorpe Gardens

How the future might look

The initial plan we are looking at involves replacing the existing 102 homes with brand new ones, as well as developing a number of other new homes, including retirement living for older residents.

Sharing the plans

March saw the launch of our programme of consultation, with an event attended by 60 local residents. Please take a look at the  display panels from that first consultation event. The feedback we gathered helped the architects put together early thoughts for the site which were displayed at the following event in May. You can see the initial designs here

Having taken on board your comments, the architects then came up with more detailed designs and exhibited them in July. Please check out the final designs here. These take into account residents’ housing needs and the things that you told us are important to you – thank you for all your input.