Be a considerate neighbour

It’s best for everyone in your community if people get on with each other. We expect all our customers to be considerate neighbours, and to be aware of how your actions could affect someone else.

Please check the terms of your tenancy or lease carefully, and note the following points:

Respecting others

  • Respect the fact that other people may not live their life in the same way as you live yours.
  • Be aware that some people have special needs which may require tolerance or understanding.
  • Acknowledge your neighbours – say hello or start a friendly conversation.
  • If you’re having a party let neighbours know – or better still invite them!
  • Remember that guests coming and going must also respect your neighbours.


  • If you have a noisy hobby such as DIY or you play a musical instrument, talk to your neighbours. Work out a time that suits you both so you can continue your hobby without disturbing your neighbours.
  • Consider the time of day. You might think it’s reasonable to use your washing machine at 3am but your neighbour probably doesn’t!
  • Use carpets, rugs and soft furnishings to absorb noise.
  • Remember that speech can carry as much as any other sound, particularly at night.
  • Keep radios, TVs and hi-fis at an acceptable volume – especially between 11pm and 7am, and if you have the window open.
  • Position equipment away from shared walls. Use headphones, or place equipment on rubber or carpet.
  • Major car repairs are not permitted on our land or in the home.
  • Only use rubbish chutes between 7am and 9pm.
  • If a neighbour annoys you, don’t bang on the ceilings and walls. This is likely to be a breach of your tenancy.
  • Don’t allow your children to run around in the evening/night.
  • Don’t allow your children to run around in the evening/night.

Dogs and other pets

  • Contact us first to check you are allowed to keep a pet. We will not usually give permission for you to keep a dog if you live in a flat.
  • If your dog fouls in a public space, you should clear it up.
  • Make sure your dog doesn’t whine or bark for long periods of time. If your dog does this, seek advice and ask your neighbours to help you by keeping a note of when it happens.
  • The Dogs Trust gives practical advice on improving dog behaviour and all aspects of dog ownership.


  • Dispose of your rubbish properly.
  • If you have bulky items – such as old sofas or fridges – that you no longer want, ask your local authority to remove them (many do this for free). When putting an item out, attach a notice saying which flat is has come from and what day it is expected to be collected.

Ball games and children playing

  • Show tolerance for people’s right to play in their own neighbourhoods.
  • Within reason, expect to hear some noise from children playing after school, during the summer holidays and at weekends.
  • Talk to your neighbours if you have concerns about ball games being played near your property.
  • Make sure ball games are not being played recklessly and causing damage to properties and vehicles.


  • Let your neighbours know if you’re planning to have a bonfire in your garden.
  • Choose the time of day and weather conditions that will cause the least inconvenience to others.
  • Consider alternative methods of rubbish disposal, such as composting or using the local household waste recycling centre.
  • Your council can issue an abatement notice if bonfires are frequently causing a nuisance.


  • Let your neighbours know you’re having a barbecue.
  • Don’t hold barbecues on balconies, or near buildings or trees.