Universal Credit and other benefits

It’s important to check you’re receiving all the benefits and tax credits you’re entitled to: this free benefits calculator can help.

Universal Credit

Universal Credit is the working-age benefit that’s being introduced in stages across the UK. It replaces Income-based Jobseekers’ Allowance, Income-based Employment and Support Allowance, Income Support, Working Tax Credit, Child Tax Credit and Housing Benefit.

You need to claim, make and manage Universal Credit payments online. It’s paid monthly in arrears as one payment per household, directly into a bank, building society or credit union account.

People on Universal Credit have to pay their rent directly to their landlord (at the moment, if you receive Housing Benefit, your council pays your rent directly to us). The easiest way is to pay by Direct Debit. You’ll also need to make a claim for Council Tax Support separately from your local council.

You can work if you’re claiming Universal Credit. Although there’s no limit to how many hours, the amount you get will gradually reduce as you earn more.

To find out when Universal Credit is coming to your area, or to talk to someone about opening a bank account, budgeting, getting online or making a claim, please call us on 020 3535 3535 or email us so we can offer you all the support you need.

Benefit cap

There’s a limit on the total amount of certain benefits that people of working age can get – this is called the benefit cap. The maximum amount of benefits and tax credits depends on where you live and the make-up of your household:

In London

£442.31 pw for couples or people with children.

£296.35 pw for single people.

Outside London

£384.62 pw for couples or people with children.

£257.69 pw for single people.

You can find out more about what you might be entitled to on the Department of Work and Pensions Benefit Cap calculator.

What can I do if my benefits are capped?

We can help guide you through the benefit cap and offer advice and support on budgeting and managing your money more effectively. Please call us on 020 3535 3535 or email us today.