Accessing financial products

If you’re working or claiming benefits, you’ll probably need a bank account. If you’re applying for Universal Credit, you’ll definitely need one.

To open an account you will need:

  • proof of your identity (e.g. a passport, birth certificate)
  • proof of your address (e.g. utility bill, rent or council tax statement).

Having a good credit history is really important if you want to open a bank account, get affordable credit or benefit from the best deals on anything from mobile phones to gas bills. To help customers who rent a home from us we have signed up with leading credit reference agency, Experian, on the Rental Exchange.

There are a range of current and savings accounts available from a number of high street banks and building societies. It’s important to shop around to find out which account best suits your needs. You can compare what banks are offering and see what the best deals are on comparison websites, such as Money Supermarket.

Credit unions

Credit unions are financial co-operatives owned and controlled by their members. They offer savings and good value loans. There are credit unions based all over the UK and you can find out where your nearest is based from the Association of British Credit Unions Ltd.