As a leaseholder, you normally own and are responsible for everything within the four walls of your property.

As your landlord, we own the overall building and the land it stands on, and we are responsible for the maintenance and repair of the structure and exterior of the building – including pipes and drains that also serve other properties. Find out more about our service charges.

Your lease

Your lease agreement sets out your rights and obligations in full. It’s important to familiarise yourself with the terms of your lease as there may be restrictions on what you can do with your flat.

If you would like more information on your rights and obligations, service charges or our responsibilities to you, please contact us on 020 3535 3535.

Your repairs

The information below gives you some guidance on repairs but is not meant to replace your rights and responsibilities as outlined in your lease.

You are generally responsible for repairs and maintenance to the interior of your home. This includes:

  • central heating (including annual gas servicing)
  • water tanks in your flat
  • internal walls, floors and ceilings
  • doors, door frames and door hinges
  • window glass, catches, locks and sash cords
  • plasterwork and decoration
  • air vents and extractor fans
  • any internal blockages and overflows (e.g. sinks, baths, toilets)
  • leaks from within your flat
  • all plumbing and electrical services.

If you live in a house you may also be responsible for maintenance and repairs to the outside of the property.

For more information, please see our repairs guide for leaseholders.

We recommend that leaseholders arrange for safety checks on their properties. These should be carried out by qualified professionals. Find out more about how to ensure your home is gas safe here.

Consultations on works and services (Section 20 consultations)

If you pay us a service charge, we are required by law (Section 20 of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985) to provide you with details and ask for your opinions about intended works and services. Find out more about current proposals and consultations.

Alterations and improvements

If you would like to make an alteration or improvement to your home, you may need to request permission first. For more information, please see the documents below:

Water leaks

If water is leaking into your home from a neighbouring property, you should contact the resident of that property, to see if they can identify the cause of the leak and whether it’s their responsibility.

If you suffer damage inside your flat as a result of this kind of leak – and you pay your buildings insurance to Zurich via Metropolitan – you can look into making an insurance claim for the damage to decoration and plaster work. Please be aware that you will be responsible for paying an excess amount of £250.

It may be useful to know that our buildings insurance policy with Zurich includes the provision of trace and access assistance – so it will cover the cost of locating a leak if necessary.

Please contact us on 020 3535 3535 if a leak is coming into your property from an external source or communal area.

Insurance claims

Metropolitan insures most leasehold properties, with the cost of premiums included in service charges.

Find out more about our buildings insurance cover and how to make a claim here.

If you have any further questions, you can email our Insurance Team at

EWS1 Information –

Since late 2019, some leaseholders have had difficulties in obtaining mortgages due to lenders and valuers requiring independent certification that buildings in which properties they are trying to buy, sell, staircase or remortgage meets the requirements of the government’s building safety guidance with respect to the building’s external wall system.

For more information about MTVH’s approach to this issue and where you can go for support and further details, please visit this page.

Selling your home

Shared Owners

Our dedicated shared ownership service SO Resi ( can take care of the selling process for you.

Read everything in our SO Resi time to sell guide and when you’re ready you can now start the process online with our easy to follow step guide to shared ownership resales.


If you own your home outright, the rules are a little different. We still need to know about your plan to sell your home, but you can market it yourself (or with an estate agent of your choice).

It’s our Home Ownership Team that deals with non-shared ownership sales, so if you’re about to start selling your home or need some information from us, send an enquiry.

You’ll be asked to share information about your home like building insurance arrangements and what the service charge is. You probably have this information already, but we’d recommend that you get your solicitor to contact us about this.