Get involved

To make sure we provide you with the best possible services, we rely on you to tell us what you think, what’s important and what we can do better. From local issues affecting your immediate neighbours to matters that impact on customers nationwide, there are lots of ways to get your voice heard.

  • National Customer Group (NCG): when we are making plans for the future, the NCG wants to know what customers across the country think. They listen to your views and opinions and make sure they’re fed back before key decisions are taken, or plans are put into action.
  • Service Audit Committee: this committee holds us to account by reviewing the way we do things and how we perform. It decides the areas it wants to look at in detail, such as how we collect rent, how we deal with anti-social behaviour or how we manage the data we keep about our customers. It then feeds its findings and recommendations back to the Customer Service Committee (see below).
  • Tenant and Resident Associations (TRAs): we encourage our customers to set up TRAs as they provide a really useful forum for neighbours to get together to talk about what is important to them and to have more of a say in how things are run. The most effective TRAs are those that have a clear focus on what they want to achieve and we aim to work with them to improve the communities they serve.
  • Customer Service Committee (sub-committee of the Board): this committee provides assurance to the main Board that we are providing good quality, high performing services to all our customers. It is a sub-group of the main Metropolitan Board and currently has four customer members.

To encourage customers to get involved, and to make any contribution as effective as possible, we provide training and out-of-pocket expenses.