Clapham Park masterplan

Ten years after the original masterplan was agreed, it had become increasingly clear that we needed to revisit it to make sure we were still on track to deliver what the local community needs today and into the future.

From October 2016 we ran regular exhibitions and community events for residents which focused on generating ideas and putting together proposals for the new Clapham Park masterplan and in 2017 submitted a full planning application to Lambeth Council. In March 2018, Lambeth Council gave the go-ahead to this planning application, allowing us to move forward to the final stage of the planning consent process. Once this is completed, work on site is expected to start towards the end of 2018.

View all of the application documents submitted on the local authority’s website.

The application provides more than 2,500 new homes, a community hub, a new community centre and new shops. Road improvements include a new pedestrian-friendly ‘super crossing’, two new bus stands and bus driver facilities. Car Club vehicles will be available for all Clapham Park residents. Landscape improvements include the creation of a central park and new play facilities north and south of the South Circular Road.

At our open exhibitions and community events, lots of information about the proposal was provided. View the information boards provided at the most recent of these events.

You can also find information from previous masterplan events here:

This short film provides a fly through of the new masterplan for Clapham Park as submitted to Lambeth Council for planning. The film zooms into computer generated images for the key character areas to indicate the look and feel of the future Clapham Park.

While the new plan proposes changes to the previous masterplan, there are key commitments that will not be affected. For example, we will still:

  • deliver a new or refurbished home to every secure tenant
  • provide a minimum of 4.18 hectares of high quality open public space, including a park
  • make sure that a minimum of 50% of homes delivered are affordable
  • ensure there are safe streets, pedestrian and cycle routes
  • provide a range of new shops and much improved community facilities