Clapham Park resident zone

Clapham Park is being transformed as we build new locally affordable homes, completely refurbish others, and deliver lots of social and environmental benefits to local residents and those living in the wider community. Here you can find out more about what’s happening across the neighbourhood, read copies of your regular newsletter @clapham park, find out how to keep in touch, and more.

Looking forward at Clapham Park

We have reviewed the original masterplan for the regeneration of Clapham Park to ensure it still delivers what the community needs not just today but also well into the future. The input of local residents was key to the review process and there were lots of opportunities to get involved. Find out more about how the masterplan evolved.

What’s happening at Clapham Park?

There’s lots of activity happening across the estate – see what’s going on and where.

Keep in touch

You can contact us about any aspect of the regeneration programme.