Welcome to Clapham Park resident's zone

The regeneration of Clapham Park is about more than building new energy efficient homes, creating more green spaces and improving community and transport facilities. It also means local people benefit from employment, training and well-being opportunities.

We’re delivering a new or refurbished home to every secure tenant. More than 50% of these will be affordable. When complete, there will be 4.18 hectares of high quality green spaces including a park, outdoor gym and community allotments.

We’re creating safer streets, pedestrian and cycle routes, as well as new shops and a new community space. Working in partnership with our residents, we’re supporting existing opportunities and developing new ones to create a thriving community that people from all backgrounds will want to call home.

What’s happening at Clapham Park?

There’s lots of activity happening across the estate – see what’s going on and where.

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