Transferring to another MTVH home

Local Authorities have the right to house their residents in most of our properties, but we can advertise a small proportion of our empty homes to our tenants in housing need. We do this through the Housing Jigsaw  portal.

If there are homes advertised, you will be able to see the road that the property is in as well as details about the rent and other information such as whether the property has a garden, parking or adaptations.

Properties can be added on any working day and will usually stay active for 7 calendar days, giving applicants plenty of time to place their bid.  When bidding closes, a shortlist is created based on our agreed banding criteria and we’ll contact the top applicant to arrange a viewing as soon as the property is ready.

If you want the property, we’ll make you an offer but only after we’ve confirmed you are eligible, inspected your home and checked that your accounts are clear.

To apply to move to another MTVH property, please visit Housing JigSaw to register on the Enhanced Housing Register (EHR).  Once you have registered, please access AtLAS (Advert to Let Allocation System) to view and place bids for advertised vacancies that meet your housing needs.

Housing JigSaw

Transfer policy and procedures

For more information please call 020 3535 3535