Rent a home

You will first need to apply to your local council. Most councils run choice-based lettings schemes, which give applicants more choice over the range of homes they can apply for.

How choice-based lettings schemes work:

  1. You apply to your local council or choice-based lettings scheme.
  2. Once your application has been approved, you’ll receive a bidding reference which you will be able to use to apply (‘bid’) for available homes. You’ll also get a banding priority based on your housing need.
  3. Available homes are listed online and in some council and housing association offices and in property magazines for one or two weeks.
  4. During this time you can bid for up to three homes you’re eligible for.
  5. The scheme makes a list of everyone who has placed a bid, then decides who has the highest priority. Your priority for housing is decided by what band you are in.
  6. The successful bidder will be contacted by the local council or the relevant landlord.