Clapham Park regeneration: submission of revised masterplan planning application

| Corporate

Update to investors on the submission of a revised masterplan planning application for the Clapham Park regeneration:

Metropolitan has submitted the planning application for the revised masterplan for the regeneration of Clapham Park in Lambeth, south London.

It marks an important step in our delivery journey to continue to revitalise the area for residents and the community, and to fulfil our obligations under the stock transfer agreement.

The old masterplan was developed more than 10 years ago and the decision to revisit it was necessary to ensure we meet our agreed objectives with residents. The new design will allow us to improve housing standards further and increase the delivery of affordable housing.

The new masterplan is the product of an extensive pre-application process involving Lambeth Council, the Greater London Authority, residents and other key stakeholders. As a full planning application rather than an outline, every aspect of the proposal has been tested in detail. This has enabled us to work with residents on the things that matter most to them.

The application provides 2,535 new homes and includes a wide range of community facilities, road improvements and sustainability measures.

We hope that the application will be heard at Lambeth Council’s Planning Committee by the end of the year, following which a formal planning decision can be issued. If approved, we will be able to begin work next year.