Berkshire resident receives media attention for self-published poetry books

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Berkshire resident Nyasher Browne was  invited to appear on BBC Radio Berkshire for the second time last Thursday. This is after a successful reading of her powerful poem Rain Against My Window that was recently played on BBC Radio Berkshire, and impressed host Michelle Jordan so much that she invited Nyasher to appear as a guest on her show on the 6th February. Nyasher spoke on ‘Michelle on the Move’,  a platform which celebrates surprising people and places that make Berkshire special where she discussed her courageous journey from poetry enthusiast to self-published author.

Nyasher 39, has been writing poetry since her school years and grew up around her aunties who she remembers as being poetry fanatics. When asked who inspires her, she states that she is inspired by moments rather than people and said;

“Inspiration mostly comes from whatever touches you, no matter how big or small. I love it when I get random moments of words flowing to me that I feel I just need to write down. But it’s also quite special when I just sit with a pen and paper and the pen just starts to flow.”

However, her journey to publishing began with support from her MTVH community during a very difficult time. Due to health issues, it has been difficult for Nyasher to continue to work as a full time Teaching Assistant but she was encouraged by Employment and Engagement Officer Sarah Alonge and Senior Tenancy Support Officer, Alison Heaslewood to do more with her work. This has allowed Nyasher to develop trusting relationships and a new found confidence in her work and even describes them as ‘blessings’ in her life.

Meeting Alison and Sarah has been a blessing and the best blessings are the ones you’re not expecting. I was initially put in touch with Alison after talking to someone in my housing association who realised I need some support due to my health and tenancy issues. Alison has helped me put a lot of things in order, she’s supported me through a very difficult time and also helped me to find some confidence. After working so closely with Alison and building up a good sense of trust, I showed Alison my first book. Alison felt it was a great achievement and put me in touch with Sarah, who also felt the same and has been working with me ever since.”

Nyasher has now successfully published two of her poetry books, Compassion Corner and Traumoetry which are both available for purchase on Amazon and is currently working on her third book. It is evident Nyasher’s community is very important to her and wants to represent those who can really resonate with her story. Her poems have the ability to touch others, inspiring them to break barriers and achieve their dream goals like she has.

“I am hoping that my words will speak to people so they feel they have someone to relate to and see that there’s way to push forward.”

Please click here to listen to Nyasher’s full interview with BBC Radio Berkshire.