Apprenticeship opens up new options for Lauren

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apprentice Lauren Pearson

Nottingham resident Lauren, 19, successfully finished her apprenticeship in customer services at Metropolitan’s contact centre in September. She now works as an income officer at the organisation, and feels that the experience has opened up new career options she didn’t know about before.

After she finished school, Lauren Pearson wasn’t sure what she wanted to do next. She started training as a hairdresser, but found it wasn’t right for her. Then she heard about apprenticeship opportunities in customer services at Metropolitan.

“I’d actually worked there as a student the previous summer,” Lauren explains, “so I knew it was a nice place to work. I applied, got offered the apprenticeship and started in September 2016.”

As part of the year-long programme, she worked at Metropolitan’s customer contact centre while studying for a Level 2 National Vocational Qualification (NVQ) in customer services.

“The apprenticeship was hard work and stressful at times,” Lauren recalls, “but I got a lot of support from colleagues with both the day-to-day work side of things and the NVQ coursework.

“I also learned a lot – especially about keeping calm and cool under pressure, and always treating people with respect. I find I’m actually a lot more easy-going now in life in general!”

Over the course of the year, Lauren worked both with the customer services team and the income team – where she continued working after her apprenticeship finished and where responsibilities include helping residents to manage their rent accounts.

“I’d advise others to definitely go for an apprenticeship,” she says, “because, if you work hard, it pays off in the long run – and it can open up so many opportunities.”

Her next goal is to work her way up to a team leader position, and then see where her career takes her.

“I’m working in an area now that I didn’t know much about before,” Lauren says, “and I feel like my apprenticeship has opened up options I never even realised were there.”

Jack Kayes, Income Team Leader at Metropolitan, is Lauren’s line manager and can see how completing the apprenticeship prepared her well for the workplace.

“There was no question that the course has helped Lauren to develop,” he says, “and I am confident that it will stand her in good stead both in her current and future roles.”