Clapham Park

Our involvement in Clapham Park began back in 2005 when council residents voted in favour of a stock transfer and Clapham Park Homes (now Metropolitan Clapham Park) was formed to take over ownership and management of homes on the estate. When we took over in 2006:

  • 1,967 homes were transferred from Lambeth Council
  • 1,442 were tenanted and 525 were owned by leaseholders

A masterplan was created in consultation with local residents and community stakeholders, which incorporated a vision for high quality, affordable, well managed and maintained homes, set within a revitalised area with a network of open spaces, cleaner and safer streets, better transport, good schools, and a range of community facilities. Outline planning consent for the overall development was obtained in June 2008.

In the ten years since the estate was transferred in 2006 considerable progress has been made: we have refurbished over 740 homes and built almost 500 brand new ones. Given the time that has passed since the original masterplan was agreed, we are currently reviewing some of the proposals to make sure they deliver what the Clapham Park community needs today and into the future, with a view to submitting a revised full planning application in summer 2017. We have begun the process of discussing proposals with residents.

Whilst we may be looking to make some changes to the masterplan, we are still committed to:

  • delivering a new or refurbished home to every secure tenant
  • providing a minimum of 4.18 hectares of high quality open public space, including a park
  • making sure that 50% of homes delivered are affordable
  • ensuring there are safe streets, pedestrian and cycle routes
  • providing a range of new shops and community facilities

For residents

Check out the local area page for residents of Clapham Park.