Ashmole montage


Ashmole, in the Oval ward of Lambeth, is a mixture of 1930s walk-up blocks, 1970’s tower blocks, maisonettes and houses. The estate was managed by an ALMO until residents voted for it to be transferred to Metropolitan in 2010. 

Our £28million regeneration programme goes beyond physical redevelopment: an Ashmole sustainability strategy was also developed to address five key themes: the environment; employment and training; social inclusion and responsibility; sport, health and wellbeing; developing young people.

Benefits to residents

We have provided residents with new kitchens, bathrooms, wiring, windows, doors and roofs: increased security features and new digital TV aerials and satellites: improvements to communal spaces such as walkways, corridors, landscaping, lighting: increased insulation. In addition, a community investment action plan agreed by the local board is delivering a range of community activities and training.

A more sustainable future

The refurbishment programme includes a variety of environmental and energy efficiency improvements, including:

  • insulating roofs, walls and walkways
  • cladding the two tower blocks and three blocks of maisonettes
  • new double glazing and insulated wall panels
  • new energy efficient heating and hot water systems, including modern communal boilers
  • traffic-calming measures
  • landscaped open green spaces
  • new bin stores and bike sheds.

Extensive landscaping is also increasing Ashmole’s biodiversity, with a greater variety of plants, attracting native wildlife.