MTVH Migration Foundation Committee

Caroline Forster

Caroline joined the Migration Foundation’s Committee in September 2018. Caroline works part-time as Head of Operations at the Anti Trafficking and Labour Exploitation Unit (ATLEU), a young charity that provides legal representation to victims of trafficking and labour exploitation. She is also currently working as a consultant for The Fore. Prior to joining ATLEU Caroline was Deputy Chief Executive at the Social Investment Business and worked in social investment, funding and grant making organisations for over 25 years. Caroline joined the board of the London Emergencies Trust in September 2020 and was previously a board member for London Funders, the membership body for funders and investors in London’s civil society. Until recently Caroline also volunteered at Southwark Citizen’s Advice Bureau, supporting the work of the Carers team.

Chana King

Chana is People Projects Manager at MTVH who has worked in the Learning & Development and HR space for over 15 years. Their experience of migration is immigrating as a very young child to Zimbabwe, then having to return to the UK, finding themselves homeless and needing to seek shelter and support. They were fortunate, as British nationals they were returning home. An associate governor at an Academy school working with the other governors to achieve the school’s core value to create a sense of belonging. Currently on sabbatical from the Chair role of an Olmec supported community interest group set up following the Olmec Black on Board training programme that MTVH invested in.

Chana is interested in the work we, the Migration Foundation, do to give funds to causes that strive to support the many who come to the UK seeking sanctuary and a chance to live, and live well.

Hazel Williams, Chair of the Migration Foundation (currently on maternity leave)

Hazel is the Head of the Justice Together Initiative, a unique collaboration launched in 2020 with a decade-long vision to ensure that people who use the UK immigration system can access justice fairly and equally. Hazel has worked and volunteered in the refugee and humanitarian sector for 17 years, in various roles in the UK, Europe and Sudan. Prior to Justice Together, she was the National Director at NACCOM, a national network of organisations working to end destitution amongst migrants. Prior to this she was the Director at the Asylum Support Appeals Project, a charity providing access to justice for people seeking asylum. She is currently a consultant Elder with Doulas Without Borders. She has a degree in Law and is based in Whitley Bay on the beautiful North East coast.

Jane Long

Jane joined Metropolitan Thames Valley Housing as Executive Director of Corporate Services in April 2019 and the Migration Foundation Committee in June 2020.  Prior to this she spent 10 years working in both the housing and health sectors in the role of Executive Director of Corporate Services where she lead in all areas of Corporate Services including people, communications, strategic and corporate planning, ICT, legal services, health and safety and governance and compliance.

Prior to that, Jane worked in the commercial sector, driving improvement in the delivery of customer services as well as people and marketing services for a number of global organisations and start-ups – she also spent a brief stint in financial services. Jane’s passion is supporting and enabling people and organisations to be the best they can be, and she is experienced in leading transformational and values-driven programmes to improve both the colleague and customer experience.

Keith Barnor

Keith is an ACCA qualified accountant who has recently achieved Fellow status, with over eight years’ experience in the housing sector. He currently works for Peabody Trust and has also recently completed the Olmec Black on Board course. Working in the housing sector provided Keith with the opportunity to gain experience in various aspects of finance by working with various entities within the group, including a charity supporting the homeless and an organisation providing care and support services. Keith moved to the United Kingdom in 2006 on a student visa and has remained here since. He is now a permanent resident in the UK, but during his 14 years here he experienced many challenges due to his immigration status.

Moud Goba

As someone with personal experience of the asylum system in the UK, Moud is passionate about migration, refugees’ issues and integration. In the past 17 years she has worked and volunteered for Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic (BAME) grassroots organisations in different capacities, from organising and supporting, to managing. Moud currently works as a senior manager for Micro Rainbow, one the leading organisations in the UK supporting LGBTI migrants. Moud was one of the founding members of UK Black Pride and she is the current Chair of their Board of Trustees. She brings a wealth of experience to the Committee, gained through her own journey as a migrant, and through years of experience working with migrants and directly tackling some of the complex issues they face. She also brings the perspective of LGBTI migrants, an often invisible and marginalised group, even within their own communities.

Paulette Watson

Paulette is a MTVH resident in Nottingham and a mature solicitor, seeking a return to the profession. She currently works for the Family Law Group Nottingham as a Civil Legal Advice Family Paralegal. She has also managed an Immigration Legal Aid Franchise to provide advice and assistance to migrants and their families.  Throughout her career she has worked predominantly within the voluntary sector and mainly with vulnerable groups for whom life has just been a struggle. Paulette has vast experience of fighting for the rights of these vulnerable people and a passion for positive change.

Paulette is one of five daughters of migrant parents’, who came to the UK from Jamaica during the Windrush. Paulette’s parents always shared their experiences and particularly remember the signs “no dogs, no Irish, no blacks”. They often talked about the hostility they faced and how they were made to feel like “scroungers” even though they were invited to the UK. Yet they were made to sign on each week at the labour exchange and made to feel like a worthless nuisance, simply because of the colour of their skin.

Tim Wilson

Tim works for City Bridge Trust, the City of London Corporation’s charity and London’s largest independent grant-maker.  He worked to establish and now manages the Corporation’s social investment fund and is a senior grants manager for the Trust. He is currently a trustee of the Association of Charitable Foundations, the infrastructure body for the UK’s grant-making Trusts and Foundations.

Before joining City Bridge Trust, Tim spent five years as a senior manager with Charities Evaluation Services working on evaluation and quality assurance support to the charitable sector. Tim has also worked in the international development sector with contracts in Nepal, the Balkans and the UK; most of this time was spent at Plan International.

Staff Members

Juliana Bell – Programme Delivery Manager of the Migration Foundation

Juliana leads on delivering the work of the MTVH Migration Foundation, including managing its strategic grants programme. She has spent the last 15 years working and volunteering in the social justice and philanthropic fields. Prior to joining MTVH, Juliana worked for the Association of Charitable Foundations, the membership body for UK foundations and grant-making charities. Juliana was a trustee and Vice-Chair of the Latin American Women’s Rights Services (LAWRS) between 2011 and 2016. She left the Trustee Board in 2016 to set up LAWRS’ Advisory Board and was part of it until 2019. She was also a trustee of the Chalkhill Community Trust Fund, a small place-based trust in the London Borough of Brent. Juliana’s passion for fighting for social justice is deeply rooted in her experiences growing up in Brazil and by her family history, and then later shaped by her personal experience of migration and years of experience working amongst migrant and refugee communities in the UK.

Contact Juliana:

Dominic Briant – Head of Funding and Research, MTVH

Dominic is the accountable lead for the MTVH Migration Foundation. Dominic is an experienced leader in the non-profit sector. His experience includes ten years with the British Red Cross where he held a series of management and leadership posts.

In MTVH Dominic leads all funding and research programmes for social housing residents and communities. He is accountable for impact management and advises other grant-making trusts on strategy and grant management.

Outside of his professional roles, Dominic was a founding Trustee of ‘Reset’ leading the refugee community sponsorship movement in the UK and he has completed graduate studies in Global Issues.

Dominic is on the ethical advisory committee of CCLA Investment Management and a research advisor to Hilbert Investment Solutions.