Housing and Migration Network

The Housing and Migration Network was jointly established by HACT (, and its funders, the Joseph Rowntree Foundation JRF ( and Metropolitan’s Migration Foundation.

It aimed to:

  • improve the housing circumstances of recent migrants who are experiencing disadvantage and poor housing, whether as refugees, asylum seekers or migrant workers, or joining family members already resident in the UK;
  • focus on concrete changes that are suited to the localities in which recent migrants are living and that are developed in solidarity with existing residents.

The Housing and Migration Network has been driven by a diverse group of 20 policy influencers and practitioners from the public, private and voluntary sectors. Over the last two years the group has been exploring practical solutions to the reality of continuing migration which places pressures on housing and neighbourhood cohesion.

The Network’s first publication was entitled ‘UK Migration: The Leadership Role of Housing Providers’

The second publication was entitled ‘UK Migrants and the Private Rented Sector’

The third publication ‘Housing and Migration: A UK Guide to Issues and Solutions’ was published in April 2012.