Involving our customers

Our customers are at the heart of what we do and so our governance structure makes sure they are involved in the effective running of our business. From strategic roles on the Board and committees, to others who audit and scrutinise the quality of our services, our customers play an influential role in the way we provide services at every level, every day.

Our Board

The Board is responsible for the overall direction of our business and makes sure that everything we do complies with our constitution and statutory and legal requirements. Our Board, which includes a nominated resident, comprises members with diverse backgrounds, who bring with them experience from the private, public and not-for-profit sectors.

Customer Service Committee

The Customer Service Committee provides assurance to the main Board that we are providing good quality, high performing services to all our customers. It is a sub-group with delegated powers from our main Board, and has four customer members.

National Customer Group

Our National Customer Group represents a network of customer groups across the organisation and is our main consultation body. The Group helps to shape services, strategy and policy and monitors decisions taken by the main Board. Comprising 12 customers from across the regions we operate in, the NCG is independent of our governance structure and operates in a shadow role to the Customer First Committee. The Group monitors performance across all housing and care and support services.

Service Audit Committee

The role of the Service Audit Committee, which is independent of our governance structure, is to hold us to account by reviewing how we do things and how effective our performance is. It agrees its programme of audits with the Customer Service Committee and reports back findings and recommendations.