Green Routes

Green Routes is a community horticultural centre and market garden located in Finsbury Park. It is a flagship project for Metropolitan, offering a range of activities and opportunities for both local people and those from the wider London area.

Activities include:

  • growing and selling plants, herbs and vegetables
  • refurbishing and selling affordable recycled computers
  • horticultural therapy, including teaching adults living with mental ill health how to grow plants and vegetables
  • volunteering and supporting people to get back into work
  • training in grounds maintenance
  • tailored horticultural training for individuals and community groups

The Green Routes site is located by the Manor House entrance to Finsbury Park. It is a little green oasis in a very busy part of London, where Green Lanes (A105) and Seven Sisters Road (A503) meet. It offers an effective alternative to day care for people using mental health services in Haringey and surrounding areas.

Customers can access the service directly by contacting Green Routes on 020 3535 4700.


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