Clapham Park masterplan

There have been a lot of changes since the original masterplan was agreed – in areas including government planning policy and building regulations, and in the financial environment. Added to that is the chronic housing shortage – Lambeth has more than 22,000 households on its housing waiting list. It was therefore clear that we needed to revisit the masterplan so we could ensure it delivers what the local community needs today and into the future.

Since October 2016 we have held a number of open exhibitions and community events focused on proposals for the new Clapham Park masterplan. In July 2017 we submitted a full planning application to Lambeth Council.

View all of the application documents on the local authority’s website.

The application provides 2,535 new homes. More than 500 new homes have been built to date and more than 700 have been refurbished to Decent Homes Standards; these homes will be retained in the new plan. In addition to new homes, a community hub will be created on King’s Avenue which will include a permanent new community centre and new shops.

Road improvements include a new pedestrian-friendly ‘super crossing’, two new bus stands and bus driver facilities. Car Club vehicles will be available for all Clapham Park residents. Landscape improvements include the creation of a central park and new play facilities north and south of the South Circular Road.

We have held a number of events in August, where lots of information about the proposal has been provided. Another one of these is taking place on Saturday 19 August (1–5 pm) at Met Hub (also known as the Pop-Up Shop) on King’s Avenue, SW4 8EU.

View the information boards provided at these events.

Met Hub will also be open 3–5pm every second Thursday (starting 24 August), with Metropolitan colleagues on hand to help with any questions you may have.

You can find information from previous masterplan events here:

We hope that the application will be heard at Lambeth Council’s Planning Committee by the end of the year, following which a formal planning decision can be issued. If approved, we will be able to begin work next year.

This short film gives you a taste of how we got to where we are today, how the masterplan has evolved and a sense of how the area may look when the regeneration is complete.

While we have proposed changes to the masterplan, there are key commitments that will not be affected. For example, we will still:

  • deliver a new or refurbished home to every secure tenant
  • provide a minimum of 4.18 hectares of high quality open public space, including a park
  • make sure that a minimum of 50% of homes delivered are affordable
  • ensure there are safe streets, pedestrian and cycle routes
  • provide a range of new shops and much improved community facilities



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