Clapham Park masterplan

There have been a lot of changes since the original masterplan was agreed: the financial environment and changes to government planning policy and building regulations for example. Added to that is the chronic housing shortage – Lambeth has over 22,000 households on its housing waiting list. It’s therefore clear that we need to revisit the masterplan so we can be sure it delivers what the local community needs today and into the future.

We have been asking you to give us your views on proposed changes and on 25 and 30 March we unveiled the evolving masterplan. Have a look at the information boards.

These two short films give you a taste of:

  • how we see the regeneration programme being phased across Clapham Park
  • how we got to where we are today, how the masterplan has evolved and a sense of how the area may look when the regeneration is complete.



Whilst we may be looking to make some changes to the masterplan, there are some really key commitments that will not be affected. For example, we will still:

  • deliver a new or refurbished home to every secure tenant
  • provide a minimum of 4.18 hectares of high quality open public space, including a park
  • make sure that 50% of homes delivered are affordable
  • ensure there are safe streets, pedestrian and cycle routes
  • provide a range of new shops and community facilities

Residents were invited to attend an initial event in October 2016 to find out more about the masterplan review. Have a look at the information boards.

Further smaller sessions were held in January when we asked for your views on:

  • Design ideas for open spaces and parks
  • Community facilities and shops
  • Streets, movement and parking
  • Designs for communal and private amenity spaces

Have a look at the information boards.


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