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Report a repair

You can report a repair in any of the following ways:

The Customer Service Centre is open Mon – Fri 8am – 6pm. You can still report emergency repairs out of hours on 020 3535 3535 – please listen for the menu options.

Reporting a repair on behalf of someone else

You can report a repair on behalf of a Metropolitan resident, please have ready the following details:

  • Name of resident
  • Address
  • Contact telephone number

What happens next?

When you contact us, please tell us:

  • your name, address and telephone number
  • as much detail about the repair as you can and where it is
  • for security you will be asked to verify some details to confirm your identity.

What we will do

A customer services officer will place an order for repair works.  Usually this will be with a contractor, working on our behalf. We will:

  • tell you what we intend to do
  • tell you how soon we will do the repair
  • send you a short survey afterwards so you can tell us how we did

Inspecting repairs

Sometimes repairs will need to be inspected before and/or after they are done. Where this is the case, the customer service team will make arrangements for someone from the maintenance team to carry out an inspection.

Monitoring repairs

Our customer service team will monitor your repair from report to completion. They will follow up any outstanding repairs where necessary and answer any of your questions.

Responsibilities for repairs

As your landlord, we have a responsibility to carry out certain repairs to your property. There are also repairs that you will have to carry out yourself. So before you report a repair to us, please use the checklist below to see whose responsibility it is.

RepairOur responsibilityYour responsibility
Bathsrepair or replacementsYES
Brickworkgarden walls (may be replaced with close board fencing)YES
Carpentryexcept any locksYES
Chains and plugson basins, baths and sinksYES
Communal areasYES
Central heatingincluding storage heaters and fitted electric firesYES
Decoration (external)YES
Decoration (internal)except when the damage is caused by other repairs that we have caried outYES
Domestic appliancesif they belong to youYES
if they are provided by usYES
Doors (external)including door stepYES
Doors (internal)including door frame and hinges (but excluding door handles)YES
Door furnitureincluding bells, knockers, letterboxes, door numbers and door handlesYES
Door furniture (internal)including door handles, locks and latchesYES
Drainsnot including waste pipesYES
Electricalwiring sockets and switchesYES
Entry doorscommunal, exernal (usually repaired periodically) and timber (prior to painting)YES
Front door lockexcept communal locksYES
Fire grates and surroundsYES
Fixtures and fittingssuch as coat hooks, curtains and curtain railsYES
Floor coveringkitchen, WC and bathroom onlyYES
Garden maintenanceif you have sole use or it is shared with no service charge for maintenanceYES
communial garden and grassed areas with service charge for maintenanceYES
Gasboilers and central heating systemsYES
Glazingcommunal glazingYES
Hand basinsrepair/replacementYES
waste pipe blockagesYES
Hot water cylinder jacketsYES
Infestationby pigeons, rats, insects, etc. Contact your local council - unless a separate service charge has been agreed. YES
Immersion heatersYES
Keysif you ask us to change a lock, we will charge youYES
Kitchen unitsYES
Laminate flooringexcept when the damage is caused by other repairs we have carried out (you must obtain our written permission before fitting laminate flooring)YES
Lightingcommunal/estate lightingYES
Light fittingsexcept light bulbs and dimmer switchesYES
Locksexcept communal locksYES
Plastering/plasterboardexcept minor cracksYES
Plumbing repairs and leaksleaks to domestic appliances (e.g. washing machines) will only be repairs if they were originall provided by usYES
Porchesexcept broken glazingYES
Re-lighting pilot light on gas boilerincluding re-setting any heating controls or programmesYES
Roofs and guttersYES
Sanitary fixtures and fittingsexcept WC seatsYES
Sink unitsexcept waste pipe blockagesYES
Skirting boardsYES
Switches and socketsexcept dimmer switchesYES
Tap washersfitting and replacementYES
Telephone pointsYES
TV aerials and socketsunless communalYES
Washing linesunless communalYES
WC repairsWC blockagesYES
Windowsexcept window locksYES
Waste blockagesincluding basic, bath and kitchen sink. You will be recharged if the blockage is considered to be caused through neglect by the tenant, a member of the family or another person on the premisesYES