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Migration Foundation

The Metropolitan Migration Foundation has guardianship of a legacy, formerly known as the Ashmore fund, which helps migrants and the communities they live in, including people who are refugees and asylum seekers. Our vision is to make migration work for the whole community by creating places free from destitution and division.

Our approach

We make investments, both small and large, in voluntary and community organisations which work in the communities where migrants live.

We work with our colleagues in other departments within Metropolitan, our policy and practice partners and other funders to identify areas of need which we may be able to have an impact on. However, we always welcome new ideas to address the issues of migration in the UK. We are interested in both what problems there are, as well as what solutions are available.

Housing and Migration Network

The Housing and Migration Network was jointly established by HACT (www.hact.org.uk ), and its funders, the Joseph Rowntree Foundation (www.jrf.org.uk ) and the Migration Foundation. It aims to:

  • improve the housing circumstances of recent migrants who are experiencing disadvantage and poor housing, whether as refugees, asylum seekers or migrant workers, or joining family members already resident in the UK;
  • focus on concrete changes that are suited to the localities in which recent migrants are living and that are developed in solidarity with existing residents.

The Housing and Migration Network is overseen by a diverse group of 20 policy influencers and practitioners from the public, private and voluntary sectors. The group explores practical solutions to the reality of continuing migration which places pressures on housing and neighbourhood cohesion.






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