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Migration Foundation

The Metropolitan Migration Foundation has guardianship of a legacy, formerly known as the Ashmore fund, which helps migrants and the communities they live in, including people who are refugees and asylum seekers.

Our vision

To make migration work for the whole community by creating places free from destitution and division.

Metropolitan, The Young Foundation and Olmec partner up for social enterprise

A social enterprise partnership between Metropolitan, The Young Foundation and Olmec completed its work at the end of 2013. By linking with our diverse communities and tapping into our partners’ energy and know how at the local level we work together and create vibrant economies.

Two publications record the story of our project and present some of the social entrepreneurs we have supported. You can read more about our work here:

Roots and Shoots (migrant-led social entrepreneurship report)

Metropolitan Social Entrepreneurs Business Booklet

Housing and Migration Network destitution pack
The Housing and Migration Network publishes a destitution pack highlighting how housing associations and charities can work together to provide short-term housing, as well as the support needed, for destitute asylum seekers and other migrants in the UK.

The destitution pack was developed to help destitute asylum seekers who have no access to public funds but who have some prospect of regularising their status. The pack is based on a Hope Housing model developed by Hope Projects in Birmingham.

Destitution Practice Pack October 2012

Destitution Pack appendix October 2012


Metropolitan Migration Foundation: making migration work.


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