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Care and repair

We provide a range of services, practical advice, guidance and support which help people maintain their independence so that they can continue to live in their own homes for as long as possible. Our care and repair teams work predominantly with homeowners and private tenants in Haringey and Derbyshire.

Multitask membership scheme

Our multitask membership scheme in Haringey provides a range of services, including advice, project management and subsidised handyman and gardening services. The membership fee is just £30 a year.

We work with a range of customers, including:

  • people aged 60 and over
  • younger disabled people
  • people on low incomes

The services we provide vary depending on where you live and include:

  • advice on repairs and maintaining your home
  • help arranging grants, loans and funding towards the cost of work
  • technical help, preparing schedules and overseeing work carried out by reliable contractors
  • advice on maximising income and benefits
  • help accessing local services
  • gardening services
  • anti-burglary service
  • advocacy and support


Paying for work

With so many grants, loans and funding schemes available, things can get a bit confusing or seem really daunting! However, there’s no need to worry – we have many years experience of helping our customers make sense of what financial help is out there and can also help you through the application process. You may of course also use your own personal savings to fund work.

Again, because of how funding is allocated across local authorities in England, the options available will depend on where you live. Options include:

  • Disabled Facility Grants
    We can support home owners through all stages of making an application, as well as when work is being carried out, if the grant is approved by your local council (and some areas of Derbyshire)
  • Adapt and Relax
    Available to homeowners who need adaptations but aren’t eligible for financial help from their local council
  • Your Home, Your Choice
    Opportunities for homeowners who aren’t eligible for financial help from their local authority towards the cost of repairs, improvements or adaptations
  • Houseproud Scheme
    This council-backed scheme helps homeowners in Derbyshire to access loans and mortgages to help fund repairs, improvements and adaptations.
  • Warmer Homes, Healthier Living
    Help towards the cost of heating repairs and energy efficiency measures for homeowners on a limited income who have a medical condition that’s aggravated by the cold
  • Handyperson Service
    This service is available in Haringey to older people and people with disabilities. It helps customers maintain their independence by carrying out minor repairs and small adaptations.

Contact us

To find out more about our services and how we can help, please get in touch:


The Grange
100 High Street
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t: 020 3535 4700


Unit 16 Masons Place Business Park
Derby, DE21 6YZ

t: 0845 850 8013

e: hiaderbyshire@metropolitan.org.uk